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There are already accessories to help prevent “unnecessary touches” and contagion from COVID-19

Considering that a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 can be many months away, in the most positive scenarios, it is certain that the return to routines must be done with all possible care, in order to reduce the risk of contagion. And with that in mind, companies are already creating accessories to help minimize the danger of contact with objects needed in everyday life.

3DWays is a Portuguese company specialized in the development of new products, which has put forward a portfolio of solutions to facilitate and provide greater security to everyday banal actions, but which can be very dangerous in the current state. Among them, use the door handles, turn keys or press the elevator buttons.

The company thus offers accessibility parts that make these tasks safer, such as a piece that adapts to the handle to open the door with the forearm, one that allows the keys to be moved in the locks; and another to touch buttons in ATMs or elevators.

As Francisco Tenente, Managing Partners of 3DWays explains, What is intended with these parts is to provide a safe transition to a new city reality, where there will be no direct contact with doors, bells, buttons, etc. Everything that was normal and safe has ceased to be, and we must have tools that allow us to live and perform trivial actions, such as opening doors and making payments in complete safety.

See on video the use of accessories:

The company, which has more than 3,000 products developed, intends to put its experience in fighting a pandemic, directing its operation to the health branch, being at the origin of the #SOSCovid project, where 8,000 visors are being produced per day. Altogether, more than 190,000 units have already been delivered to health professionals.