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Telegram wins sending money with Brazilian cryptocurrency | Social networks

Telegram has a new way to send and receive money through the app thanks to ZCore, a Brazilian cryptocurrency. Developed by the creator of the ZapZap app, the currency circulates through the @ZCoreBot bot on the messenger for Android and iPhone (iOS). With it, it is possible to create a virtual wallet, check the balance, in addition to sending and receiving amounts quickly.

The digital currency used to make transactions on Telegram can, at any time, be converted to ordinary money, just like Bitcoin. The feature opens up an advantage over competitor WhatsApp, which is still testing the transfer of money between users.

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ZCore cryptocurrency works in a Telegram bot on the cell phone Photo: Divulgao / ZCore

ZCore cryptocurrency works in a Telegram bot on the cell phone Photo: Divulgao / ZCore

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The Brazilian option offers some advantages over the most famous cryptocurrency technology. ZCore operates with InstaSend, a feature that confirms transactions almost immediately. The operation is performed by special servers called Masternodes. They are responsible for speeding up a scan that would normally take hours to process by the network.

The idea behind the feature is to offer a simplified means of transferring money without depending on banks. The user can buy ZCores in brokerages that trade cryptocurrencies and then open Telegram to send money in a fast way to another country.

ZCore's purpose is to bring the advantages of blockchain to users who don't understand how this world works and, so far, have been left out of the digital currency revolution, says Erick Costa, cryptocurrency's leading developer.

ZCore currency (acronym ZCR) can be purchased online, as well as others similar to Bitcoin. For this you need to use the services of brokerages (exchanges). The international Graviex, one of the main players in the digital currency market, already accepts the purchase and sale of Brazilian currency. With currency units in hand, the user can move them to the bot's wallet and use the values ??on Telegram for easy transfers.

Telegram bot allows you to send, receive and view the cryptocurrency balance Photo: Divulgao / ZCore

Imagine that Telegram plays the role of your wallet or purse, which you take with you every day, explains Costa. It is enough to have a small amount of money there for the most common expenses, such as sharing the pizza with friends or making small purchases. The rest you leave in a conventional wallet on the PC, which functions as your bank account.

The user's mobile portfolio is linked to the Telegram account. It can be accessed on any logged in device, including the computer. The rival messenger of WhatsApp, it is worth remembering, has native lock via password to protect personal data.

Soon, the developer plans to launch its own payments API to allow the use of cryptocurrency in online stores.

In addition to buying and selling ZCore at brokerages, you can earn fractions of the currency by using the ZapZap application. According to the programmer, regular users of the messenger receive units of the currency randomly. Later, they can use them for transfers within the app, either to send to friends or to boost groups and channels. Values ??can also be exchanged for conventional money on exchanges.

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