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SP government launches Poupatempo Digital app with more than 60 public services

With Poupatempo Digital, it is possible to perform Detran's services, monitor RG issuance, among other services

The Government of the State of So Paulo launched an application Saves time that have more than 60 public services. Called Digital Poupatempo, the citizen can use the tool to consult and request services without having to go to a service station.

Among the services offered, it is possible to request a duplicate from the CNH (National Driver's License), Work Permit, Preliminary Certificate, access to Unemployment Insurance, use Sabesp's services, request a criminal record certificate, in addition to checking the air quality through Cetesb and view the status of the Metr and CPTM lines.

For Ernesto Mascellani Neto, Superintendent of Prodesp (technology company of the government of So Paulo), the application Digital Poupatempo mainly to help citizens who are confined at home due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Although remotely, the objective is to keep the services provided by the state, as well as by the city halls up and running.

We want to be more and more present in the life of the population to bring facilities. At a time when social distance is the most efficient measure in combating the spread of COVID-19 and face-to-face service at the units is temporarily suspended, Prodesp innovated with the implementation of quick and efficient measures so that citizens can resolve their issues safely and securely. without leaving home

said Ernesto Mascellani, Superintendent of Prodesp.

How to use the services offered in the application

Digital PoupatempoSee how to use the application to perform services

To access it, just use the same login that you already use to access the site Saves time. If you still do not have access, enter the application and click enter. Then, go to Register here and fill out the form with your personal information.

When accessing the app, clicking on Services, you will find menus, such as Personal Documents, Work and Employment, Housing, Vehicles, Education, water, Sewage and Sanitation, and City Halls. Then, just click on that one and proceed with your request. If desired, it is also possible to add these menus to a favorites area.

The use is very easy and intuitive, even making it possible to edit the main screen with the services that most interest users

said Ernesto Mascellani, Superintendent of Prodesp.

available organs

In all, nine bodies are available for users of the new application. Check the function of each one below.

  • Detran / SP (So ??Paulo State Traffic Department), which is responsible for administering everything that involves the driver's license, National Driver's License (CNH), as well as infractions, Driving Schools, among others;
  • Finance and Planning Secretariat, whose function is to manage the collection of taxes in the State, such as IPVA, ICMS and ITCMD;
  • CDHU (So Paulo State Housing and Urban Development Company), which takes care of low-income housing for poor people;
  • Economic Development Secretariat, responsible for the economic development of the state of So Paulo, working to attract investment, support entrepreneurship and invest in technology;
  • Secretary of Education, responsible for managing the entire education system in the state of So Paulo;
  • IIRGD (Institute of Identification Ricardo Gumbleton Daunt), body linked to the Public Security Secretariat that manages criminal records;
  • Sabesp (Basic Sanitation Company of the State of So Paulo), a company that operates in water supply and sewage treatment in So Paulo;
  • Metr (Metropolitan Company of So Paulo) and CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Trains Company), responsible for rail transportation in So Paulo;
  • Cetesb (So ??Paulo State Environmental Company), an agency of the government of So Paulo that helps to monitor air quality in addition to controlling and inspecting activities that generate pollution.

Services offered in the app

Check below the list of services offered in the application Digital Poupatempo. According to the Government of the State of So Paulo, the digital platform should soon gain other features.

Detran / SP Second copy of CNH; Renewal of CNH; Definitive CNH; Certificate of Readiness; Consultation of Points; Consultation of Fines; Search of Third Party Vehicle Debts; Vehicle Fines; Licensing Location; Licensing (CRLV); Driver's Reference; Consultation Driver Training Center (CFC); Consultation of Accredited Inspection Company (ECV); Consultation of Used Parts; Authenticity of Certificates; Monitoring of the duplicate issuance of CNH.
Institute of IdentificationRicardo Gumbleton Daunt (IIRGD) Monitoring of RG issuance.
Secretariat of Finance and Planning IPVA consultation.
Secretary ofDevelopmentEconomical Unemployment Insurance; Work Permit; Employment Intermediation (IMO).
Secretary of Education School Bulletin; RA Consultation; Enrollment Consultation; Enrollment Declaration; Concluding Consultation; School Transfer Intent.
CDHUDevelopment Company Housing and Urban Development in the State of So Paulo Wake up.
Sabesp 2 via Sabesp account, 2 via Sabesp agreement installment, inform Sabesp payment;
Metr / CPTM Location of the Metr / CPTM lines.
CetesbSo Paulo State Environmental Company Air quality.

How to download the application

The application Digital Poupatempo is available free of charge for all smartphones Android and iPhone (iOS). In addition to this option, other online services are still available on the official website of Saves time.

Source: Poupatempo.