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Responding to Apple's acquisition, Intel increases its stake in Imagination Technologies

Documents show that Intel increased its stake in Imagination Technologies shares, two days after Apple made an acquisition of 8.2 million shares in the company – equivalent to 3.6% of it.

Imagination Technologies

In total, 934,422 shares were acquired by Intel, bringing its total in the company to about 6.93 million papers – or 3.04% of the total. In a note, the chip maker said it would consider a definitive takeover of Imagination Technologies if another such move were made.

Like Apple, Intel also licensed the POWERVR graphics technology developed by Imagination, not directly targeting the production of mobile devices – such as the iPhone 3G and iPod touch – but for its low-cost Atom line of processors, intended for a wide variety of mobile and even ultraportable devices.

It is not known, however, whether the announcement made by Intel is directly related to the unexpected acquisition of shares made by Apple, since both companies are partners. But the chip giant's bid shortly after Ma contributed to raising the value of Imagination Technologies' papers on the market – they rose from 11 cents to 64 cents a pound on Monday alone. In any case, given the current circumstances of the case, she has no intention of acquiring it at the moment.

Rumors of the account that Apple has an interest in bringing the new generation of graphic technology developed by Imagination to its gadgets, together with support for OpenCL in a future version of the iPhone OS.