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NVIDIA found the solution to defective GPU problems: just buy new ones!

hard to believe, but NVIDIA is asking notebook manufacturers to purchase their new generation of graphics hardware to avoid through an alleged memo obtained with the company:

To help us improve the quality of our products and ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of units during the current ?final stage? of the life cycle, NVIDIA strongly recommends that consumers migrate to the latest revision of NB8E-SET GPUs as soon as possible. before. These use the ?Hitachi? covering material, which improves the quality of the product and improves its operational life, increasing the reliability of its thermal cycle.

NVIDIA - pineapple also for Ma (again!)

Despite referring specifically to the GeForce 8700M, 8800M and 9650M graphics chipset models, all current versions come with a substance that provides an ?improved thermal cycle?, improving the reliability of the cards and offering a higher melting point.

The problem is that many of the current NVIDIA chips, including the GeForce 9600M itself from the new MacBooks Pro (in addition to almost all GeForce 8M), include materials with low melting points, which make them more susceptible to long-term failures that erase the video completely. Apple, Dell and HP have already requested manufacturer warranty extensions.

Some of the recent models, yes, the integrated chip 9400M of the laptops of Apple (and also of Toshiba) already uses the new material, more secure.

NVIDIA has a tradition of trying to cover up / cover up cases of generalized failures in its products, minimizing their severity. The case described above was initially recognized by her as specific to some HP notebooks, only to be later classified as a general bug.