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Notebook sales surpass desktop sales for the first time in history

Good news for Apple: sales of laptops surpassed those of desktops for the first time in history in the last quarter, according to research by iSuppli. The numbers are certainly greatly affected by the spread of so-called "netbooks" (Acer was a major highlight), whose segment Apple has not yet entered directly.

MacBook Pro closed

Computer makers shipped 38.6 million notebooks worldwide in the third quarter of 2008, an increase of almost 40% since last year. Meanwhile, sales of desktops fell 1.3%, reaching a total of 38.5 million units.

Why is this good for Apple? Like the rest of the industry, the popularity of its MacBooks is also on the rise: in the last month, sales of its laptops have grown by 22% since 2007, which means that Ma is growing 1.5x more than the average . The data is from the NPD Group.

However, in general, iSuppli stated that the market share Apple fell from 3.7% to 3.2%, placing it in 7th place among all PC manufacturers. HP maintained the first position, with 18.8%, followed by Dell (13.9%), Acer (12.2%), Lenovo (7.5%) and Toshiba (4.6%).

We will see how things behave from next month, when Cupertino people are expected to announce new iMacs and / or mini Macs.

(Via: Silicon Alley Insider.)