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How to travel without leaving home with Google Earth

In quarantine times, we have to learn how to travel without leaving home with Google Maps.

After all, the travel and tourism sector was the first to feel the thud of the pandemic caused by the cormorant. For more applications for travelers on your cell phone, travel a verb that cannot exist in our vocabulary.

Fortunately, Google Maps has become a complete tool for getting anywhere on the planet. Combining it with Google Translate, you can check almost every address on the globe and understand the meaning of signs, digitally presented tourist attractions and even virtual museums.

Not sure how to travel without leaving home with Google Earth? Then you will learn right now by following the step by step below!

How to travel without leaving home

The first thing you need to know is that you must use Google Maps to travel without leaving your home via the Google Chrome browser, either on your computer or on your smartphone. For this guide, we will travel on the computer, but the steps are similar on the cell phone.

Check out how to use Google Maps to travel in the comfort of your sofa below!

1?Click the link to access Google Earth

2– Right on the home page, you will be able to check out some gallery options, with photographs taken by those who visited these places.

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<p><strong>3</strong>– Just click on any of them to see a complete map with all the options in the category you chose. Following the example of the image above, we will see all the castles of the Loire Valley, in France, as red dots. To know any of them, just click on one of the points.</p>
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