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How to block an email in Outlook? [Guia completo]

Outlook is one of the most used email managers, with several features that make it really complete. Here, we will teach you how to block an email in Outlook.

Keep reading and check out our complete guide with step by step of what to do!

1. What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft program that manages information as part of the Office suite. It is mainly an email app, but it also has a calendar, task manager, contact organizer, diary and notepad.

It works for both personal use and for companies and groups, allowing for shared mailboxes and calendars, for example. In addition, it also has a version for smartphones, whether Android or iPhone.

2. How to block an email in Outlook?

This is an essential feature in any program to manage emails. With Outlook, you can easily block senders and email types, to ensure you never see anything you don't want. The filter is completely customizable.

Blocking a sender

If what you want to block is a specific sender, in order to never receive emails from him again, rest assured that it is quite easy. To do this, just right-click on a message from the person, click"Electronic Waste" and then on?Block Sender?.

block a sender

With that, all emails received from that email account on your go from, automatically to the email folder"Electronic Waste", never to fill your main inbox again. To unblock an email, just use theElectronic Waste Filters.

Add unwanted names

Another feature for those who want to learn how to block an email in Outlook is to add unwanted names Blocked Senders List. All messages from addresses and names in that list always go to the Electronic Waste.

In a simplified way, this is the Spam list, diverting all messages suspected of being spam.

To add senders to that list, click on a message from them. On the tab home page, in the groupdelete, click in electronic wasteis at block sender.

Add unwanted names How to block an email in Outlook

If you want to add names to this list, go to Home Page, inDelete, inElectronic Waste is atJunk E-mail Options. Then go to the tabBlocked Senders and clickAdd, where you can enter a name (specific email address) or domain (like @

Lists can be imported into Outlook by clickingImport from File and then on the existing list file. To create one, go to Export to File and select where to be saved.

Add trusted names

Another option for those who want to know how to block an email in Outlook add trusted names List of Trusted Recipients or toTrusted Senders. This basically means that certain senders are never treated as junk mail, always ending up in your main inbox.

To add names to this list the process is quite simple: click on a message that the sender sent and on the tabHome Page, click inDelete, inElectronic Waste is atNever Block Sender.

It is also possible to add names and domains to the lists manually. To do this, follow the steps:

  • V guide Home Page,inElectronic Waste and then on Junk E-mail Options;
  • To add trusted senders, clickAdd on the guideTrusted Senders or, to add trusted recipients, clickAdd on the guide Trusted Recipients;
  • In the box that asks you to enter the address or domain to be added to the list, enter your email or domain;
  • You can also add all yourContacts at once to that list by checking the checkbox Also trust emails from my ContactsinTrusted Senders.

Block messages from certain countries

Another option to block email in Outlook is to block senders from certain countries of origin. For example, you can decide that you want all emails from the U.S. to be automatically forwarded to the mailbox Electronic Waste.

Block messages from certain countries How to block an email in Outlook

This can be done by going to the tabHome Page, in Delete, inElectronic waste is atJunk E-mail Options. Then go to International and clickList of Blocked Top Level Domains and check the checkboxes for countries that do not want them to never send you emails again.

Block messages in unknown alphabets

Finally, another option is to have emails that are in different alphabets not reach you. With that, only messages that you understand will arrive.

Block messages in unknown alphabets How to block an email in Outlook

Go toHome Page, click inDelete, the arrow next to Electronic Wasteand then on Junk E-mail Options. Now, on the tabInternational, click inBlocked Coding List and select all the encodings you want to block.

And, did you like our guide on how to block an email in Outlook?

Leave your opinion about it in the comments, saying if you use it or prefer other programs to manage emails. Also, check out our selection of the best productivity apps for PC or smartphone and how to create a Windows 10 account without email from Microsoft!