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GM version of iOS 9 brings unexpected news: voice recognition for the “Hey Siri” command

In the keynote the day before yesterday, Apple revealed that, due to optimizations made in the M9 movement coprocessor, of the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, the command "And Siri" ("Hey Siri") operate this at all times, even if the device is not recharging.

But the GM version (Golden Master) iOS 9 came with another cool novelty with respect to this feature, it is available for current devices: a new configuration assistant that starts to recognize and answer only your voice.

I am living proof that before it was very boring to work with any voice. William Marchiori, who traveled with us on MM Tour IV, enjoyed moments when I left the iFurgo to touch things on my iPhone talking to Siri from afar. Since my iPhone was recharging in the car, the remote worked.

O 9to5Mac he says, however, that the configuration may just help the assistant to better understand the command according to the way you say ?And Siri?. They say they tried to activate it with other voices, including from different genres, and the iPhone continued to answer. Maybe this will improve with time

The setup process is very simple, requiring only that you say a few phrases like "And Siri, how is the weather today?" it is worth remembering, first of all, to activate this feature in Siri General Settings.

In a related note on ?surprises? in GMs, the 9to5Mac he also discovered that the latest watchOS 2 build comes with no less than 26 (!) new animated Emojis including smiley faces, sick, sleeping and some new hands variations as well. Check everything in their post.