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Future iPhones to bring OpenCL support

In a way, I admit that I was waiting for a rumor like this to arise: since the iPhone OS was developed from the same architecture as Mac OS X, it would not be anything so amazing to see the OpenCL technology present in a future version of the Apple phone firmware (iPhone OS 3.0?). However, although it is easily scalable on a mobile device, your hardware needs to support the use of parallel computing employed.

OpenCL on iPhone

To this end, Imagination Technologies, which is behind the graphic processing technology POWERVR used on both the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Nokia N95 and products from other companies, has opened up vacancies for engineers specialized in OpenCL programming, who must have experience in operating systems. of mobile devices and a focus on software for hardware that supports this technology, both in current products and in their future generations.

There is no doubt that what was discussed in the first presentation of OpenCL technology, held in Texas a few months ago, is the purest truth: parallel computing is not only the privilege of super powerful desktops. We will see applications of it on a variety of devices, which should allow it to not only be possible to exploit more of the iPhone hardware in routine tasks, but to make it the most dreamed competitor for mobile consoles, as we saw Apple executives preach earlier.

In addition, the Imagination Technologies initiative is perhaps the first step for many manufacturers to launch mobile devices supporting parallel computing techniques, opening up new possibilities for them.

We must not forget that Apple may also be involved in an agreement with Imagination Technologies, in order to bring the next generation of the same POWERVR technology to its gadgets, further strengthening this hypothesis. Undoubtedly, the first big results of all this technological innovation would be games with higher performance, and who knows how to play Moto Chaser on a TV using the iPhonethat will become reality.

(Via: AppleInsider.)