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Entering Badoo via smartphone: how to do it?

In this period of quarantine caused by the coronavirus, we are all facing the situation of having nothing to do. One thing that can be quite fun is to use relationship apps to pass the time.

In this guide, we explain to you exactly how to enter Badoo using your smartphone. As one of the best apps of its kind. Check everything in detail below!

1. What is Badoo?

If you are looking for information about relationship apps, you may have heard of Badoo, a social network founded in 2006. It already operates in more than 190 countries, including Brazil and is available in 47 languages.

This all makes it the network with this most used functionality, also featuring apps for Android and iPhone, in addition to a version for computer browsers.

It works on a ?freemium? model, in which all the main functionalities are given free of charge to all users, but it is necessary to pay for certain things.

enter Badoo via smartphone

Before learning how to enter Badoo via smartphone, you may want to know what the main and most attractive features of the platform are. They are:

  • Nearby People: Here, you will be able to see and contact people who live in your area, in addition to those you have visited nearby;
  • Search: Users can see who is in the app, even if in different cities or parts of the world;
  • Meetings: Another free tool, in which users can, just like in Tinder, swipe right or left to give "like" or "dislike" to other users;
  • Video chat: Here you can connect and talk to the people you "match" in real time by video, which is very useful during this quarantine;
  • Verified Profiles: Badoo has a verification process that consists of three steps, through which you verify your account and can choose to only see and speak with other verified users.

Among the paid tools, the main ones are:

  • Find out which other users have placed their profile in their favorites;
  • See who liked your profile, in order to simplify giving matches;
  • Faster to be able to read your messages;
  • If you accidentally disliked someone who was very interested, with Premium you can undo it and give it a "like"!

2. How to enter Badoo via smartphone?

Now that you know a lot about Badoo and have decided that you are really going to use it, we will teach you how to log in via smartphone. Keep reading here and see the step by step.

First, it is necessary to download the app to your smartphone through the App Store or Play Store.

With it installed and open, go to see a screen asking what your gender is. Select whether Man or Woman or, if none fits, click"More Options" to see a complete list. Now select the name you want to appear for other users and click"Continue".

Then enter your date of birth to proceed. Remember that you must be over 18 to use the app. Enter your email address on the next screen, click"Continue" and add a photo of yourself to continue. If you want, you can add several photos at that time, or leave it for later.

Register to enter Badoo via smartphone

Create a strong and secure password that only you know. We recommend using some of the best password managers so that you never forget them. Then accept the Honesty Pact, select what you are looking for in this relationship application from the following options:?Something without compromise?, "A serious relationship", "We will see" or "Talk".

Now that you have finished entering Badoo via your smartphone, go to the main menu of the app. l where it can slide to like or dislike users.

On this screen, in the lower left corner is a profile icon. Click on it to configure yours right now. In the top right corner, click on the icon and you can add more photos, and give various information about yourself.

For example, your height, if you have children, if you drink casually or smoke and several others. You can also create key questions, add interests, connect your Instagram or verify your account.

With the profile ready, you can start looking for matches by going to the main menu. In it, in the upper right corner there is a filter cone where you can determine whether you want to see men or women.

You can also adjust the age range of the possible matches, change the distance and select advanced filters for people.

Filters enter Badoo by smartphone

Did you like our detailed guide on how to enter Badoo using your smartphone?

Leave in the comments your opinion about this app. So much has been known and used in the past. Don't forget to check out how to stay fit in quarantine, the best ideas for dealing with boredom and our tips on how to work at home with productivity!