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Discover 5 more cool custom keyboards for iOS 8

One of the iOS 8, custom keyboards are here to stay. We have already suggested many of them in two posts here on MacMagazine also teaching how to install / use the keyboards and explaining why some of them require full access to the device.


Keyboard, via Shutterstock.

As new keyboards are released every week, it's time for a bunch of tips with some interesting ones that we pan around. Get to know them below and choose the ones you like best!

Kaomoji-Keyboard app icon

Have the Kaomoji fun, emoticons Japanese in text, directly on a keyboard on your iPhone and iPad!

Sorry, app not found.

Specially designed to be the same size as the keyboard you are used to on the iPhone 5s / 5 / 4s

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Introducing Kanvas Keyboard, the most creative keyboard in the world that is 100% free! Easily share animated GIFs and ?stickers? as responses in any conversation. Create personalized messages using text, design, Emojis and photos, which will take your conversations instantly to another level.

Nintype app icon

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a highly productive device on which you can actually write relatively quickly so writing emails, reports and articles is easier as you can type faster on the iPad / iPhone than most people can on a desktop keyboard !

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Start using Emoji like a professional. With Emoji Zen, you can find what you want more quickly.

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If you know / use any other keyboard that we have not yet released, be sure to share everything in the comments he can join our next wave.