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Dell Adamo details begin to be revealed

Dell logoGradually, the first concrete information about Dell's competitor for the MacBook Air, Adamo, begins to emerge. O Electronist achieved a lot by browsing the Dell website caches stored on Google, believe it or not.

Supposedly, the machine will be called "Dell Adamo Thirteen", indicating the presence of a 13-inch screen, possibly of a higher resolution than that used by Apple in Air. In addition, it would use a conventional DisplayPort (and not the Mini), since Dell sells DisplayPort adapters for HDMI, VGA and DVI.

In addition to external options (like an 8GB USB key), Adamo would feature 2.5-inch (instead of 1.8-inch, Air) 250GB and 500GB hard drives and optional SSDs and would have a built-in optical drive, Blu-ray or DVD.

The initial expectation was that Adamo would cost around US $ 3,000, but the TG Daily bet on a first model US $ 300 to US $ 400 cheaper than an equivalent Air, that is, with prices starting at US $ 1,500.