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Collaborative app prevents you from taking queues when leaving home

A few months ago we highlighted the TemFila application here on the website, but for some reason it is no longer on the App Store. Fortunately, a very similar application recently appeared, even in name, which only has a space of difference: o Has Queue?, gives startup Inventors Inc.

Tem Fila app icon?

Let's get over the lines!

Has Queue? it is a collaborative network that allows users to share information about waiting times in commercial establishments.

Yes, Tem Fila? it's a collaborative app so it depends on good mass dissemination. So it can be used free of charge both on your website and is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Using the app, users can add time to wait for locations, schedule when to enter / exit queues and see how to get to a particular location. Your database of places powered by Foursquare.

And what's cool about Tem Fila? it doesn't just have to be used for bars and restaurants, but also malls, events, exhibitions and so on. If the project is successful, it will be a great hand on the wheel for all of us.