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Apple Pay virtual wallet arrives in Brazil for iPhone | Utilities

Apple Pay, Apple's virtual wallet, was launched in Brazil this Wednesday (4th), for Ita bank customers. The feature, which allows payments by iPhone without the need for a physical card or entering data on websites and applications, is available for Visa and MasterCard credit cards. You must have iPhone 6 onwards, including iPhone SE, to use the service.

Awaited in the country since February, when Tim Cook confirmed the service's launch within a few months, Apple Pay lands after competitors like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The service is also compatible with iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

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Apple Pay arrives in Brazil for iPhone users and Ita bank customers Photo: Divulgao / Apple

Apple Pay arrives in Brazil for iPhone users and Ita bank customers Photo: Divulgao / Apple

What to expect from Apple in 2018

Apple Pay was announced by Apple in 2014, along with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The service allows payments via NFC, a technology that allows transactions to be carried out just by touching the cell phone to card machines. Authentication is done by Touch ID or Face ID, in the case of iPhone X.

According to Apple, the feature is accepted in more than a million commercial establishments, in addition to partner sites and applications, such as iFood, Peixe Urbano, Magazine Luiza, among others. To be used in physical stores, it is necessary to check if the credit card machine is compatible with NFC technology.

Apple Pay is available for iPhone 6 onwards and on iPad (2017), iPad (2018), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4. Everyone must have iOS updated from iOS 11.2. Payments can also be made on all Apple Watch generations with updated watchOS, in addition to Macs.

To activate the feature on iOS, I need to open the iPhone and iPad settings and access the Wallet and Apple Pay option. Then, just tap on the Add card option and enter your data. Recalling that the service is only available to Ita bank customers who have Visa and MasterCard credit cards. There is still no information on the inclusion of other banks and flags later.

Apple arrives late in the Brazilian market. Launched in 2016, Samsung Pay is the South Korean manufacturer's solution for payments on the brand's smartphones, including more affordable models, such as Galaxy J5 Pro and J7 Pro. The tool also supports other banks, such as Neon, and NFC technologies and MST, which expands the phone's compatibility with more terminals.

Google, opened Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) in November 2017, for Android smartphones. The service has the same proposal as the others, including support for other banking institutions. In February, the virtual wallet gained an application on the Play Store and integration with Bradesco bank cards.