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Apple buys NextVR startup specializing in organizing virtual reality events

Apple confirmed the acquisition of NextVR, a company that specializes in transforming physical events into authentic virtual experiences. The deal was first reported in April, but is now only official, at least publicly.

The amounts involved were not indicated by any of the parties, but the 9to5Mac portal said that the purchase cost about US $ 100 million giant US – note that the number needs official confirmation.

Bloomberg writes that NextVR will close, so it must be fully absorbed by Apple and start operating under its name. In statements to the news agency, the Cupertino company said it did not "intend to discuss the purpose" of the acquisition and underlined that it has a habit of buying smaller technological companies.

According to Crunchbase, in the past ten years, NextVR has raised more than 115 million dollars in investment. The company was founded in 2009 and, instead of focusing on hardware development, the technology invested in technologies for image capture, compression and development of experiences in virtual reality. As mentioned, Apple has not advanced what its plans are for the company, but rumors have long been that the Cupertino giant is creating augmented and / or virtual headsets, so this business may be aligned with the strategy that the company has for this department.

Throughout its 11 years of life, NextVR has worked in partnership with companies such as CNN, the NBA and NASCAR to broadcast virtual reality events.