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Amazon sues criminal network that stole money through fake Alexa apps

Amazon sued a group of cybercriminals who launched a scam campaign that targeted users of the tech giant's smart speakers. The burles were posing as Amazon technicians on various websites and fake apps.

According to the lawsuit filed at the Western District Court in Washington, Amazon says that in the scheme developed by criminals, users were encouraged to call a supposed helpline and forced to adhere to large insurance plans.

Screenshots of fake apps credits: Amazon

The company claims that the fraud scheme was carried out by two entities that claim to be technical support companies in the area of ??information technology. At issue are Robojap Technologies, from the United States, and Quatic Software Solutions, from India.

The Quatic Software Solutions website that is in the process is no longer active, but it seems that Robojap Technologies is managing the Indian company. The two fake apps that criminals used to scam users were also removed from Google's Play Store.

It is recalled that, in 2019, an investigation by Security Reserch Labs made it known that intelligent personal assistants from Amazon and Google could be victims of cyber attacks by malicious third-party applications.

Researchers at the German company decided to see how the vulnerabilities of Alexa and Google Assistant could be exploited and created four seemingly harmless applications for both platforms. The findings of the experiment demonstrated that hackers can use them to listen to users' conversations without their realizing or even carrying out phishing attacks.