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10 ideas to do at home when quarantined

With quarantine, no one is able to leave the house, which can be very tedious and tiring. To help you fight this, we have selected the best ideas to do at home when quarantined!

Read on and discover them all. sure you?ll like some.

1. Learn a new manual skill

A very interesting thing to do now that you have more free time due to the quarantine of the coronavirus learning manual skills such as crafts.

You can use different techniques and modalities, such as crocheting, painting and crafts. Either option requires only a small investment – and depending on how well you do it, there may be a decent return to supplement your income.

Learn a new handicraft ideas to do at home when quarantined

2. Watch movies

One of the most classic and obvious ideas to do at home when quarantined is watching movies. If you have a list of what you want to watch for a while but you can't get it, you can see them now that they're not spending time on the road.

And, if you want tips on what to see, we have several lists of movie recommendations, like the best Netflix movies in 2019, those of espionage, westerns or drama. In addition, we have the movies to watch with family and the best films about pandemics!

3. Exercise

Starting to exercise now that everything is stopped is an excellent idea to improve your mental health, being one of the best activities to do at home and promote your well-being.

Set aside a space dedicated exclusively to this to keep your body moving, with any form of exercise you want. If you don't like muscle, choose dance, for example. Remember that stretching is always necessary, no matter how tedious they may be.

4. Start a vegetable garden

Another great option to do with your free time (and save a little) is to start a vegetable garden in your backyard or on your balcony. Having and maintaining one will help a lot in both physical and mental health, since having to take care of something always does you good.

In addition, it will serve as a good incentive to improve your diet. After all, who will not want to eat what they planted and cared for?

Start a vegetable garden to do at home when quarantined

5. Watch series and anime

Another idea to do at home when quarantined is watching all the series that have accumulated. Certainly a season came out that you did not get up to date or had some series launch that you wanted to see but you cannot.

There are also a large number of very good anime around, although many people have never given them a chance, always assuming they would be bad or childish. If that's your case, we have a selection of anime for those who think they don't like anime.

We also have several selections of series recommendations from various genres, such as drama, Netflix's teen, war and music. And in the case of animes, we have the best animes of 2019!

6. Learn a new instrument

Remember that you wanted to learn to play the guitar but it was always postponed? Did you buy one, but left it aside? So now it's time to get back to practice (or eat it for the first time).

There are many websites and channels on youtube that offer many online classes in music in general and in instruments or singing. With a little dedication, even for 10 minutes a day, in a short time I will be able to take some music. To help you with this, check out the best guitar tuners!

7. Take an online course

Not because the coronavirus has stopped everything you have to stop studying and learn the things you like best. In fact, with the cancellation of classes, you can take advantage of the time you would spend on them to learn the thing you always wanted but never made time for.

There are several excellent platforms that offer courses on the most varied subjects for a very affordable price. For example, you can learn programming or web development with the best teachers for less than 50 reais!

We strongly recommend that you use Udemy or Beved as course sites to take advantage of this, among the ideas to do at home when quarantined, since they are extremely reliable and well consolidated.

8. Catch up on your readings

If you are someone who likes to read, this is one of the best ideas to do at home when quarantined is one you probably already had. And, if you lost your habit due to the daily rush, you can take the opportunity to come back now,

Take the time to read your favorite sagas (which are not finished) or start new ones by looking for indications on Amazon. Use your Kindle to read with even more quality and be able to have fun without tiring your eyes.

9. Play with your pets

Those who have pets know how important it is to pay attention to them through interactive games. If you have a dog, it is a good idea to play ball with it, for example. And, if your dog is very fond of walks, it is recommended that you continue walking, no matter how much time and frequency are reduced.

If you have a cat, use sticks with a toy on the end to keep them entertained, or grab a PET bottle, drill holes and put food inside so they have to hunt to eat. You will have fun, you will amuse the pet and it will be good for both your mental health!

Play with your pets ideas to do at home when quarantined

10. Organize your home

This tip may not be fun, but really good. Enjoy spending more time at home to organize it, as a clean home helps you focus better. In addition, it will distract you for a long time, since you can't clean it anyway.

Be it your closet, your desk or any room in the house, look for everything you can discard and keep only the ones you need, in addition to taking everything off.

Did you like our ideas to do at home when quarantined?

Leave in the comments if you have already joined any of them or if we present you any news. Also, check out our ideas for not dying of boredom, how to make money at home during quarantine and the best sites to follow the coronavirus and prevent yourself!