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With Andromo you don't need to be a “master” of programming to create applications for Android

12If you have a digital project, such as an online store, an application can help you attract a wider audience. Through the Andromo website it is possible to expand your project to the world of Android applications in a simple way, even if you have no programming experience.

To start creating an application you only need to gather ideas and create an account on the platform. Then, you need to choose the application model that best suits your needs.

Once you have chosen the type of application, enter a personalization dashboard. A, you can select several features and even a look for your project. To help give a special touch to the application, Andromo has a vast number of styles for layouts that can be customized with your favorite colors or content.

Even before publishing, you have to give the application a name and choose a icon so that it is more easily identified in a digital store or on the user's smartphone. The platform also allows monetizing the project through the inclusion of advertisements. In order to understand how the public interacts with the application, you can also activate usage statistics.

When you are finished editing the project and are satisfied with the look and functionality you need to choose the build option to make your application a reality. After downloading the APK you can easily post it on Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Andromo has a 14-day free trial period. If you want to include more advanced features or continue to create projects, the paid versions of the platform can be more useful and are around 8 dollars per month, for starter mode, or 21 dollars per month, for the professional.