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Videos: unboxings of the new iPhone Docks and Apple Watches Sport gold / rose gold

We were already surprised by a unboxing of the new Apple TV, now it's time to check out two of products that are actually available for purchase.

Videos are from the channel DetroitBORG, from YouTube.

New Lightning Docks

As we covered in this post on accessories, Apple launched four new models of Lightning Docks matching the four colors of the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus: space gray, silver, gold and pink gold. They are $ 10 more expensive than before, as they now have an aluminum finish.

Apple Watches Sport gold and rose gold

In addition to numerous new bracelets, Apple announced on Wednesday's keynote two new colors from the Watch Sport line: gold and rose gold, both in anodized aluminum. Their prices are the same as the other colors already available.

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