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USBfever launches magnetic lenses for the iPhone

We have already shown several cases that have lenses that improve the poor camera performance of iPhones. However, many of them, because they have fixed lenses, end up breaking or creating storage / transport difficulties. To improve the lives of photographers, USBfever has created a very interesting solution, the magnetic lenses for iPhones:

USBfever Magnetic Lenses

There are three different models: a Macro Wide lens, a Fisheye and a Tele (2x). All of them can be easily ?attached? to Ma's cell phone: to do this, simply attach a small circular sticker around the camera of the device, where the lenses will ?stick?.

USBfever Magnetic Lenses

The coolest thing, due to the way they are attached, that they can be used in any type of camera, including other cell phones or even monitors, such as Apple's iSight webcams.

USBfever Magnetic lens

The lenses cost US $ 17 / each and can be shipped to Brazil. Does anyone qualify?