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Things you only see in China: donate your sperm, buy an iPhone 6s

O hype launches of new iPhones so big that one sperm bank in China it has a curious strategy to attract customers: "Donate your smen, buy an iPhone 6s."

In practice, they are paying 6,000 yuan (the equivalent of about $ 940, or $ 3,670) for regular sperm donors, more than enough to buy one of the new iPhones but that can be used for anything else.

Not for anyone, however: donors must be at least 1.63m tall, have a university degree and pass a full medical exam. To get the 6,000 yuan, I need to commit to donate 17ml of your smen within a period of up to six months and with a 48-day gap between donations.

Imagine the madness

(via BBC News)