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Knowing more about Apple Pencil

Along with the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple made a long-standing rumor: a pen, a pencil (stylus), called a Apple Pencil.

iPad Pro lying on its side with hand holding Apple Pencil

We talked about it very quickly in this post about new accessories and we also discussed a little about the novelty in our latest podcast, but it is worth a deeper post about this accessory that will be sold partly by Apple, for $ 100 in the United States.

The company initially describes it as follows:

We invest a lot of time creating the Apple Pencil so you don't waste time when the need is indispensable. Thus, we have expanded the versatility of Multi-Touch to new levels. The technology inside it is completely different from anything we've designed. Even so, it will seem like you always used Apple Pencil. It makes multiple effects with the precision of a single pixel, so you have the creative freedom you never had.

Jony Ive, of course, narrates a video presentation:

Some features of Apple Pencil:

  • Ultra fast responses, with low latency;
  • Pencil signal reading at 240 times per second;
  • Pressure sensors measure various intensities from the outside;
  • Two tilt sensors calculate hand orientation and angle;
  • Battery with autonomy of 12 hours.

On this last point, this left me speechless:

Recharging the Apple Pencil battery

That's right: not to harm anyone's productivity, Apple has built into Pencil a technology that gives you 30 minutes of autonomy with just 15 seconds (SECONDS!) Of recharge. P, Apple, did it cost to take something similar to the iPhone? The charging is done by the Lightning connector hidden at the tip of the pencil, connected to the iPad Pro itself.

It is worth remembering, here, that Apple Pencil is not for everyone (which is still a good ?excuse? for Apple not to put it in the iPad Pro box). Multi-Touch technology for fingers is still present as never before on the iPad Pro's touchscreen, but now Apple has built into the tablet an extra layer that allows it to be used as a graphics tablet such as the famous ones from Wacom. Alis, by the way, Linda Dong designer who previously worked at Apple wrote an article that comes down to the following sentence: ?A (Wacom) Cintiq sucks in comparison (to iPad Pro with Apple Pencil).? Ui

For those who don?t really like the official Apple videos, this one from AppleInsider gives a great notion of the potential of the thing:

Both the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro will hit the market in November.