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Apple store employees will start testing beta versions of iOS to help with feedback

Think about it: your company needs to release software updates periodically and it needs to be tested on many devices before this public release happens. You have a very large development program with the participation of many people, but in addition, you have thousands of employees spread across different stores around the world who could also help in this task of testing and sending feedbacks. It makes sense to use them, doesn't it?

Apple Store employees, Zorlu Center

Apple Store employees, Zorlu Center.

That's what Apple will do from now on, according to 9to5Mac.

Obviously, the company already used some employees in its own headquarters to test these software not yet released to the public, but the program now includes, for the first time (officially, since something like this has happened in the past in some moments), employees who do not work in Cupertino.

Taking into account some not so successful releases (like iOS 8.0.1, for example), the help of these employees in the tests is more than welcome!