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Apple distributes the game Super Hexagon for free through its Apple Store app

After the AirPano Travel Book, last month, Apple is now offering a game for free through its Apple Store app.

Apple Store app icon

Note that we are talking about the Apple Store (Ma's online product store), and in Ma's App Store itself (her app / game store).

To take advantage of the offer, just open the Apple Store, go to the "Stores" tab and scroll down:

Super Hexagon by the Apple Store app

The game that Apple is playing now Super Hexagon:

Super Hexagon app icon

Super Hexagon a challenging and mind-bending game. Overcome the infinity of minimalist puzzle levels.

With Super Hexagon's vibrant colors and incredible music, you won't want to stop playing.

Anyone who tries to download the game directly from the App Store (at box above, for example) having to pay his normal price, which is US $ 3. S d to get it for free by going to the Apple Store.

(tip from Fbio Andrade)