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All games created for the new Apple TV will need to work natively with Siri Remote

As we highlighted in this article, the new Apple TV support Bluetooth game controls. However, those who do not plan to spend more on one of these may be unconcerned: all titles released in the App Store must work with Siri Remote.

SteelSeries Nimbus control for Apple TV

Apple itself explains this in game control documentation. Developers can optionally support them in their games, but native operation with the control that comes with Apple TV required.

The limitation will certainly not appeal to all developers, as some games must be too complex to work with Siri Remote. But Apple is in this case thinking first about consumers, who can not be harmed or forced to buy a part accessory (which is not at all cheap).

The native remote control of the new Apple TV may not have as many buttons / functions as controls dedicated to games, but it has a touchpad, some configurable buttons, as well as sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope. That is, d to play.

(via Touch Arcade)