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What does Stonks mean? Understand the translation and origin of the meme | Internet

The meme Stonks has been a hit on social media, especially on Twitter. Inspired by the financial market, the game has been used to indicate apparently brilliant ideas and, at times, out of reality, which will generate financial gains, but which can result in bad decisions. The image consists of a man in a suit, with a head modeled in 3D, in front of a blue panel that displays a growth chart in stocks and investments, accompanied by the word Stonks.

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Meme Stonks is successful on Twitter Photo: Reproduo / KnowYourMeme

Meme Stonks is successful on Twitter Photo: Reproduo / KnowYourMeme

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The word Stonks derives from stocks (investment actions, in English), written in a purposely wrong way, without having a literal translation. The image had its first appearance registered on June 5, 2017, on the American page Special Meme Fresh, on Facebook. In the following months, it began to be published on YouTube, Reddit and Imgur, until it gained greater popularity in late 2019.

The original publication has no caption or anything that refers to the use of the meme as it is currently interpreted, but, to date, it has received more than 2,000 likes on Facebook.

In general, the meme is used in financial situations that have an unpleasant result, often with irony or involving situations that have not been successful economically. The meme is also a good-natured way of referring to investment stocks themselves, especially when they fall.

In addition to Twitter, other social networks also renounce publications of the figure. On Instagram, the hashtag #stonks accumulates more than 130 thousand results. On Facebook, dozens of pages dedicated exclusively to variations of the meme are available. According to Google Trends, a platform that monitors the most searched terms on the Internet, the word Stonks peaked in searches between December 2019 and February this year.

Check out some uses of the meme Stonks on Twitter:

The Stonks gained variations to indicate opposite directions to the original. The main one is Not Stonks, for acts that resulted in specifically negative actions. There are also Super Stonks, when it is an extremely positive attitude, and Confused Stonks, when stocks don't make much sense.

In addition, foreign publications show that Stonks has gained a family of memes aimed at other professional areas, such as Helth, with jokes about health, Shef, focused on gastronomy, and Tehc, with memes about technology. They all use the same character, but in their respective work environments, and always point to something unpleasant.

Via KnowYourMeme and Dictionary