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We test and recommend the best free Android games of the decade

In the past few days, we have immersed ourselves in the most talked about free Android games of the past 10 years. Know which ones are really worth your time.

You accompanying the Showmetech already know the best games Android of all time. On the list, we had competitors of all genres: puzzles, first person shooting, arcade, racing, platform and, of course, the famous ?runners infinite ?.

The criteria for entering the list turned out to be a mix of critical success next to the number of downloads of the games. So how can you, dear reader, find out which games Android will you have fun, even before you download? Because we play and answer you here, sifting only the best titles free.

We answer if you should download a game that "everyone is talking about" is more important: even after years, let's see if the "classics" still support themselves. Check out the list of recommendations below, with brief tips to help you master these mobile titles.

Fruit Ninja (2010)

Fruit Ninja slicing fruit with 4-screen combo Combos with more than three fruits are the soul of the game, regardless of the mode.

Following the tradition of the first mobile games touch screen, the mechanics of fruit Ninja very basic. Fruit jump on the screen and you need to slice them with a sword a combo with three or more fruits yields bonus points. Over the decade, new updates have come to enrich the content of the app by adding new game modes.

Unfortunately, that was a shot in the foot: of all, particularly, the only modes that still hold up are the Zen (no bombs, only combos) and the Arcadian (bombs deduct 10 points from the final score; there is the addition of modifying bananas).

Fruit Ninja record screen, end of arcade mode One of the latest records was 1,542. a clear sign that I should take a break from gambling.

Perhaps the classic way passed a better impression as soon as the game was released, in 2010, just because it is a novelty of gameplay that we did not have on smartphones. Today, with the popularization of genres such as infinite runners (including some from the same list) have accustomed us to a more pleasurable experience, one that does not frustrate us with a simple slip like cutting a bomb and resulting in the end of the game, just as it works in this "classic mode".

The extra modes, "Mini-Games", "Events" and "Challenges", are interesting in the first two games and soon make you want to use carom (and, consequently, real money). In the long run, you who just want to spend time cutting fruits on your phone will notice that there is nothing like the old ways. Without a doubt, the "classic" is dispensable and frustrating to anyone who has never played the game. His essence, which is more fun, is present in the other two modes. It is worth downloading and checking them out.

Fruit Ninja game start screen, showing all the different playable modes Can you see the modes inside the green cones? Pretend that there are only these and review the other three. They only serve to make you want to spend real money.

Download now fruit Ninja on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • Once you have 7500 carambolas, unlock the "Giant Wave" dojo, which randomly launches 10 fruits in the middle of the game, helping you to keep a good pace or saving you if you are not doing so well;
  • For better combos, unlock the sword ?Bamboo Shoot?, which increases the size of all fruits;
  • Remember to pause at the beginning of each game to see your active missions, or click on the top left corner while still in the menu;
  • When you want to beat your record, focus on accumulating star fruit to pay for the three modifiers (or see an advertisement);
  • Want to have fun without worrying? Opt for the three main modes (Zen, Arcade) and don't worry about the classic or the other additions.

Jetpack Joyride (2012)

Jetpack Joyride Barry flying with the dragon vehicleThe robotic dragon vehicle flies through the scene majestically, but it is one of the most complex when you try to dodge missiles.

In Jetpack Joyride, you control a secret agent who steals a jetpack of a mysterious laboratory. Matches consist of your escape attempts which, we are sorry to inform you, will always fail after all, the infinite game. By pure coincidence, this is the second (and last) game from the developer Halfbrick Studios, creator of fruit Ninja. This is also one of the runners infinites that just like Temple Run, marked the generation of games in the Android.

Here, your luck counts more than your skill skillfully, it's easier to play, but you still depend a lot on a scenario with fast obstacles. In the long run, with several short matches this can be beneficial. a direct contrast to quieter games, like others mentioned here on the list. The best thing is that, as ?less skilled? you think your progress is, the game gives you most goals in the first 10 levels.

Jetpack Joyride at the end of a match, showing a record score of 7,739 meters coveredDouble the coins in exchange for an advertisement. Are virtual coins worth a 30-second commercial? We say yes.

A criticism that is clear soon for those who open the app for the first time that it has m translation. In addition to taking to the letter names that could be kept in the original language (English), there are inconsistent translations between gadgets and menu items. Sometimes left in the original, now partially translated.

The literals ?Porco Mau? and ?Sr. Abrao ?are funny, no matter how much in the store the names are in both Portuguese and English. To balance, advertisements they are usually from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and not from low-cost games, as you may have seen in other apps, which ends up being a surprise.

And different from Alto?s Adventure, the game did not save my progress years ago, when I had unlocked most items in the store without spending ?real money?, only the game currency. I believe that at that time the synchronization system via Google Play Games it didn't work the same way, which is a shame. Starting from scratch, I played 50 games in 3 hours, going up to level 12. Apart from these more ?technical? criticisms, so to speak, the gameplay of Jetpack remains in its essence and the game deserves to be played.

Jetpack Joyride on the roulette flap, with a prize of 1000 coinsYou have a very good chance of winning hundreds of coins by spinning the roulette wheel, so don't even think about pressing the button that exchanges a single chip for 50 coins.

Download now Jetpack Joyride on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • Remember to buy new ?Devices? to facilitate your gameplay (we recommend dezapinator and the m of coins). They are extremely useful in missions, so it?s worth aligning your team to level up more easily;
  • Unless you have more than 10 chips at the roulette at the end of each game, always choose to spin it instead of receiving credits, as your chances of receiving more than 50 coins are very high (we counted: an average of 700 coins won via bet, each game);
  • Equipment has an aesthetic power that will affect you in the long run, so choose your jetpack something pleasing to the eye (like a laser);
  • Every five or six games, you will see an ad for nothing. So, it is recommended to click on ?duplicate coins? in exchange for you watching a 40-second video;
  • Trust in taking the big coin that enables the pig-piggy bank, as it gives you a lot of money and neutralizes nearby obstacles.

Candy Crush Saga (2012)

Candy Crush Saga on an in-game screen, with several candies and a score of 320 Special powers and combos are essential at advanced levels (Reproduction; MobyGames)

Another fever you probably already know. With candy Crush, I venture to say that public opinion 8 or 80: or you already addicted (and spent days playing), or find the formula uninteresting (and didn't even play). During the first semester in 2016, I am afraid to say that I fell into this first group. To those who don't know, this is a classic ?combine three?, Where you need to line up, at least, a trio of candies of the same color to destroy them. Unlike ?runners infinite ?, candy Crush was the only game of this genre that I test and recommend Bejeweled it's not around.

To do well in the game, you should calculate each move, thinking of the column of candy that goes down the screen that can result in a combo, using only one move of your own. By the way, once the game guarantees its biggest obstacle, after all, the only limiting performance in the matches are the player's own movements. In practice, you just see a space between two candies and slide your finger on the screen to match the trio. Don't worry, there comes a time when everyone does just that.

Vertical Candy Crush Saga, final menu after starting with three full stars Near level 30, the difficulty gradually increased, until it was difficult to finish a first level. Fortunately, the three stars were still accurate.

With no headache, the colorful looks keep you entertained for hours. The distribution of levels on the map (which, detail, infinite) helps to get you into the atmosphere and buy the idea that ?you are going on a journey? and discovering this fictional and surreal world, where the only way is to break sweets. Up to level 13, I managed to progress without a single choke with three stars on all levels. Then I decided to take a break for noticing how addictive the game was. I saw the need to use a powerup at the level 23.

What differentiates this from other games "combine three" to sudden complexity in some challenges. At some level, you need to take items from the top of the screen to the bottom, juggling the map. In another, you must destroy frozen sweets that cannot be moved, making you focus only on the adjacent ones. You must also rethink your movements. Well, whether you want to or not: candy Crush a phenomenon and a landmark in the history of mobile games and also the Facebook.

We test and recommend the best free Android games of the decade The game map does not mean that we are embarking on an infinite journey which is great for killing time.

Download now Candy CrusH on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • Try using a powerup only when choking on a level (ie, failing for the first time);
  • Prioritize making movements at the bottom of the screen, since gravity is always your friend and generally "helps" you to make good combos with the new sweets that appear;
  • Until you reach the last 5 moves of a match, avoid thinking too much about your actions, just play and keep an eye on possible combos;
  • Thing that few people know: if you find the layout of a very difficult level as soon as you start it, just exit to the menu without making movements on the grid you don't lose any life and a new one layout generated;
  • If it is stuck, wait for a few seconds until one of the candies glows on the screen, indicating a suggestion from the app of a possible movement.

Alto?s Adventure (2015)

Alto's Adventure in the snow biome, in pursuit. Score from 3,738 metersThe Glider Costume will help you make bonus points without stepping on the floor.

In Alto?s Adventure, you guide a skier down the mountain. Its controls are just a touch of the screen to jump and, when holding, it rotates the body in an anti-clockwise direction. The objective is to jump and accumulate points, doing stunts, running away from enemies and balancing on high places. When you trip and fall, the game ends and you must restart from scratch and each time you play, the scenario completely random.

We affirm without fear: this is better look among all the others on this list. The degradation of the scenery, the art worthy of a good indie game, the richness of details and the lighting (there is a beautiful day-night cycle) build a gameplay pleasant. The physics seem surprisingly realistic, so much so that you can feel the energy accumulated after accumulating a long combo. There are modifiers like m and a feather, which leaves you floating and prevents falls. Both are moderate and do not spoil the experience.

Alto's Adventure on the menu, showing the different playable charactersOver time you can unlock new characters, including Tupa and the llama Felipe.

When you drag the screen to the right side, in the menu, you will find the Zen mode. Unlike the fruit NinjaIn this one, the infinite game, so you can fall and get up as many times as you want. It is only pretty bland, as there is no score. Bearing in mind that the ?normal? game mode is not so challenging, Zen becomes unnecessary.

Finally, it is worth stating that the monetization The game doesn?t bother you as much, as the coins you buy in matches are already used to unlock the other playable characters. One more use of them to keep playing after falling: you win until three lives watching advertising videos, then you need to pay 1,500 coins. In the Workshop area, you will find upgrades (also buyable with coins in game) that make the game even better. There is also the version premium, which has no ads and comes with bonus coins, costing R $ 8.49. Trust us: Alto?s Adventure It is an excellent game and can be enjoyed in its entirety, without having to take a stub out of your pocket.

Alto's Adventure in free fall with the glider suitHeight is your best friend. Just be careful with the falling angle the cartoon look, but the physics is very realistic.

Download now Alto?s Adventurand on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • Prioritize objectives, not currencies;
  • See 30-second advertisements and never spend your credits to be revived (maximum three times);
  • Always make at least a jump of 360, no matter how short the distance;
  • Llamas are multipliers, so whenever you see one, go to the ground and go through them;
  • For your safety, try to stay on aqueducts or flags;
  • When you have the Glider Suit activated, give as many combos in a row as you can (always touching the floor for the multiplier to reward you).

Fallout Shelter (2015)

Fallout Shelter with 32 residents and nine levelsSeveral game days yield a vault of nine floors, which houses 32 humans.

THE Bethesda, the same developer that brought you more than 150 action and adventure hits like franchises The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Quake and Doom, brings another title from the universe Fallout. This time, the game is more ?family? than the console games: in Fallout Shelter, you need to take care of your own bunker (vault) and ensure that all residents (dwellers) will be happy.

Your task handle resources (energy, food and water) and create different rooms (with unique functions), while expanding the capacity of vault and assigns functions to the sheltered. Generators, cafeterias, tailoring, gyms and laboratories are just a few of the types of buildings you can choose from. In the short or long term, you need to think about balancing the economy of items, money and everyone's happiness.

Unfortunately this game type one Tamagotchi. You need to pay attention and care for resources to a level that it only works if you get addicted. Over the first few hours after downloading it, I opened the app every 10 minutes, collecting resources for what I thought was enough to last through the night. The next morning, my dwellers they were already 20% happy, which is terrible.

Fallout Shelter featured for home module, with two flirting dwellersPut a couple of dwellers in a social room is a good option when you have all three resources above average. It will paint a climate …

Another weak point is the existence of item cards, which come in a kind of lootbox a box with random items, which you usually buy when paying real money (yes, a bet). I also had trouble selecting rooms or dwellers: when i clicked on the door when trying to bring them in, it didn't work; when I tried to click on a room, the dweller was selected; I wanted to collect resources and I also selected a human in that room. It was very confusing, being necessary master the screen zoom masterfully to play without errors.

On the other hand, if you let yourself be taken seriously, don't mind mechanical failures and really take care of your vault, Fallout Shelter provide you hours of fun. the type of game of progress by time, then one of your options is to keep an eye on the time and let it run while you move into another app or live life outside your smartphone. Therefore, with a title that depends on the passage of time, an obstacle for reviews. However, I managed to get to house more than 30 residents on my 12 game day.

Fallout Shelter with three dwellers returning from a missionExploring in trios when doing missions is your best way to return with good items.

Download now Fallout Shelter on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • Enter every 10 minutes to collect resources and every hour make at least one build or upgrade;
  • Do not pay attention to the notifications, they are a path towards addiction;
  • When unlocking quests, try to play them right away, as missions are rotating and change in a short time;
  • If you leave one dweller go out, pay extra attention and check every five minutes (one slip can mean death);
  • Choose to expand rooms instead of creating multiples of the same type spread across the vault;
  • Merging a single pet between the dwellers momentarily make the entire vault happier.

Call of Duty Mobile (2019)

Call of Duty Mobile in the main menu, where you can see game modes, scale level, player level and customization areasVarious game modes and a rich customization menu. This Mobile CoD.

Another that ?migrated? the success of a console franchise to the mobile world, Call of Duty: Mobile deserves to be quoted here for becoming a hit absurd of 2019. Attracting the audience that had already played at least one previous title from other platforms, he also managed to please fans of the Battle Royale versions Fortnite and PUBG for mobile.

There are modes such as the Front Line (direct combat, without much space for campers), Team Kills (random maps, which may be larger) and Domination (three points with flags that must be dominated by two teams), taking the same maps as the islands. Unusually, you should download a trio of additional maps as an update if you want to play on them, of course.

Call of Duty Mobile on the nuketown map, zooming in on the scope of a weaponClassic maps of the franchise are back, including Nuketown, which turns 10 in 2020!

Recently there was the addition of ranking, where ranked matches indicate your level and place you in a room with others of equivalent experience. This is a way for players who are already used to the level of difficulty of opponents to be able to find a better competition. In particular, this more fun way to play, as the skills of teammates and enemies are well balanced.

Another identical addition to CoD consoles the Battle Pass, where you can pay to purchase extra surface items in the game. This is worth real money and completely expendable, no matter how much you play the game every day. For even greater challenges, the mode Battle Royale It's a good option: you play for a game, in a single life, on a map with more than 100 players. Who played the Black Ops 4 you will feel at home. Whoever did not play, should try this.

Call of Duty Mobile in the battle pass area, showing progress to level 4Battle Pass in a mobile game: do you have R $ 20 left to spend with a colored weapon?

Download now Call of Duty: Mobile on the Google Play Store.

Tips for mastering the game:

  • All menu items with a black and yellow exclamation point mean that you have a free item to redeem, so look for it every day and remember to check everything after a few matches;
  • After testing all the modes, choose the map you like best and play on it to level up in a more fun way;
  • Ignore the battle pass and the ?COD Points?, as they are 100% cosmetic;
  • Set aside a weapon that likes the damage and focus on improving it as you unlock new items;
  • Are you finding the game too easy? Go to ranked matches mode and test your skills.

Other Android successes

Pokmon Go and Angry Birds are Android hits

A game that ?fell? off the list was Pokmon Go. Despite the enormous success (and all records broken), in times of pandemic, the last thing that you must immerse yourself in a game that forces you to leave the house. An interesting update, however, is the recently announced remote networks. Well, in a nutshell: the game is really good, whether you are a fan of the creatures or not. It is a pity that I have not been able to fully enjoy it in the last few weeks.

Launched at the end of 2009 on devices iOS, it was only a year after the first angry Birds arrived for Android, making you eligible to enter our list. Fired, this is one of the biggest successes of the two operating systems. A pity was the developer Rovio have officially taken the application air, as they tell in response to a discussion on the company's website. The only way (newly available) to download the game is to recover your download history from Play Store. In our opinion, unfair recommend a game where there is uncertainty that it will be played by any Android.

Cut the Rope, Temple Run, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Alto's Odyssey, Tiny Tower, Garena Free Fire Other hits: horribly, Cut the Rope, Temple Run, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Garena Free Fire, Tiny Tower and Alto?s Odyssey. (Disclosure / Reproduction)

Competitors and successors were also left out in our tests, but they deserve less honorable:

  • Liked fruit Ninja? try it Cut the Rope, a game of quick cuts where you still have to solve puzzles.
  • Liked Jetpack Joyride? try it Temple Run, another infinite runner that was successful on Android.
  • Liked candy Crush Saga? Try the sequence Candy Crush Soda Saga, with new maps and unique candies.
  • Liked Altos Adventure? try it Alto?s Odyssey, the successor with even more beautiful scenery and biomes.
  • Liked Fallout Shelter? try it Tiny Tower, game where you must build a tower and take care of its residents / employees.
  • Liked Call of Duty Mobile? try it Garena Free Fire, a strong competition in the Battle Royale genre, which already has more than 500 million downloads.

Which of the tested titles most awakened your interest? Tell us below, in the comments.