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Universal Pictures releases yet another trailer for the movie "Steve Jobs" with unpublished scenes! [atualizado 2x]

Another week, another trailer (above) of the film "Steve Jobs"!

If my accounts do not fail, we are already in the fifth released by Universal Pictures, which is probably on a mission to bomb Americans with these trailers so that everyone can watch the movie in its opening week, on October 9th, of course; here in Brazil the forecast is for January 2016.

In this in my opinion, the best so far we can see well the resource / decision to shoot everything in different formats the film will be focused on three important moments in the life of the former CEO and co-founder of Apple: the backstage of the launch of the Macintosh computer , in 1984; NeXT Computer, in 1988; and iMac, in 1998. While the Macintosh part was shot in 16mm grainy, the second act (NeXT Computer) was shot in bright 35mm and the third (iMac) in high definition digital format.

"Steve Jobs" was directed by Danny Boyle, scripted by Aaron Sorkin, and starred by Michael Fassbender (in the lead role) and Seth Rogen (actor best known for his role in comedy and who plays Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple).

Unlike the film ?jOBS? (starring Ashton Kutcher), this one is being highly praised by critics.

(tip from Renato Pessanha)

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 09/17/2015 s 18:00

We replaced the trailer with its subtitled version.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 09/19/2015 s 09:54

This official post from Universal Pictures Brasil leaves no doubt: the film will only arrive here in January next year, even

(tip from Matheus A. Paes Mendona)