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Swift is increasingly popular with developers and is expected to enter the “Top 20” soon

Some developers, readers of MacMagazine, you may have heard of the RedMonk. At the? Here is a brief explanation of what it is about:

Having spent two quarters since our last check, it's time to update our programming language rankings. Since Drew Conway and John Myles White originally performed this analysis in late 2010, we have regularly compared the relative performance of programming languages ??on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

The idea is not to offer a statistically valid representation in current use, but to correlate discussion about languages ??(Stack Overflow) and usage (GitHub) in an effort to extract insights about potential adoption trends in the future.

Well, they just updated the data in this ranking, which brought an interesting surprise for iOS and OS X application developers: the rapid growth of the language Swift.

Ranking of RedMont languages ??- Q1 2015

Here's what they say about it (emphasis added):

As was said during the third quarter (2014) rankings, which marked its debut, ?Swift is a language that will be very popular, and very soon.? Even so, the growth that Swift experienced essentially unprecedented in the history of these rankings. When we see a dramatic growth in a language, it usually jumps somewhere between 5 and 10 positions, and the closer the language gets to Top 20 or progress within it, the more difficult this growth becomes.

Even so, Swift went from 68 position during the third quarter of 2014 to number 22 this quarter, a jump of 46 positions. From its initial position at the bottom of the ranking, Swift is now just one position behind Coffeescript and in front of the Moon. As the trend indicates, Swift's growth is more obvious on Stack Overflow than on GitHub, where the most active repositories are educational or infrastructure, but still incredible growth. Based on this, it seems reasonable to expect that in the ranking for the third quarter of this year we will see Swift within the Top 20.

Growth is simply incredible.

(via MacRumors)