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Pragli wants to put co-workers in touch. And to “rest” if necessary

Recently assuming the status of officer, Pragli presents itself as a virtual office to keep work teams in contact, from the computer.

The application brings all team members together in the same window, allowing communication to be established at any time, as in other contact tools for companies, regarding the exchange of messages.

In this case, there are avatars to indicate if co-workers are at your desk, outside, in a meeting – and with whom -, focused on a certain task without wanting to be interrupted but still being able to – listening to music while working or finished it is their workday and, possibly, they only respond the next day, in addition to several other states.

The objective of this new application of business communication, according to its creators, to solve the biggest problems of distance work, widespread with the pandemic of COVID-19: friction in communication, the need to impose limits between professional and personal life and longing from colleagues.

In this last item, we highlight the Water cooler – the fresh water dispenser -, a (virtual) meeting place par excellence, with colleagues.