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New store on Apple campus will be a mix of Retail Store with Company Store!

This week we inform you that next Saturday, Apple will reopen the famous Company Store (store located on the company's campus, at 1 Infinite Loop). For our suspicions that it is a hybrid store (conventional Apple Retail Store, but with special products that only the Company Store offered before, such as t-shirts, coats, mugs, card holders, pens, etc.) were right.

Here is the official information we got from the store:

Apple Store, Infinite Loop

So, what can you expect from the new store?

The great news for Apple employees is that, for the first time, the store will have the complete selection of Apple products and accessories, namely: iPhones, Macs, iPad Pro and Apple Watches. The Personal Pickup will now be available in the store. This means that you can order Apple products online from EPP (Employee Purchase Program, or Employee Purchasing Program) (with EPP prices) and have everything available to pick up directly on campus that day. And when iPhones 6s and 6s Plus are available on 9/25, the store will be opened exclusively for employees to buy and pick up. Stay tuned to AppleWeb (Apple's employee communication channel) for more details.

Even opening with a focus on our latest products, the store remains the only place in the world to buy exclusive Apple-inspired merchandise (t-shirts, jackets, mugs, card holders, pens, etc.). We are very excited to introduce a new handpicked collection that will continue to evolve with new items that arrive monthly. You will continue to receive employee discount on all accessories, too. The Genius Bar is the only feature that is not part of the store's services.

There are also many new design elements in the store display. For the first time, we are presenting our new walls made of concrete and glass, floors made of newly designed terrazzo and, if you look at the ceiling, see a luminous LED panel. In the center of the store, we installed our first screen wall (video). Our merchandise displays have been updated using the same material as our iconic tables.

As the store now has a complete line of products and is part of our store catalog, we gave it a new name: Apple Store, Infinite Loop. We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

The interior, apparently, very similar to that of the first Apple store in Belgium.

Transforming it into a common store but also selling exclusive products was undoubtedly the best option for us, customers and admirers of the brand.

Did I hear MM Tour V ?!