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“New goals” in 5G. Government signals need for new DTT migration plan

In Portugal, the 5G implementation plan was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, after the process was suspended between March and April. Now, the Government has already signaled Altice for the need for a new migration plan for digital terrestrial television (DTT), essential for the strategy of the 5th mobile generation, with new goals. The process was due to end in June this year.

The information provided by Dinheiro Vivo, based on statements by an official source from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing. According to the news, the Government is "reevaluating" the national strategy for 5G, in order to adopt new goals, more appropriate circumstances in which we live.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, where the Secretary of State for Communications is integrated, however, does not advance any goal for the new start of the migration process of DTT. The Government's concern that DTT and the #Estuda em casa program, which uses it, do not suffer disturbances, reinforces only the Ministry's official source.

In 2019, and even before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Altice Portugal guaranteed that the deadline for migration from DTT would be impossible to meet. By its calculations, the company advanced the third week of July as the final possible date.

The truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic did not favor the current context of the 5G strategy in Portugal. The new coronavirus led Anacom to suspend the migration process of the DTT network in mid-March and the public consultation of the 5G auction.

It was only at the end of April that the conditions for resuming work began again, but still with caution. The guarantee was given by the Secretary of State for Communications Alberto Souto de Miranda, who admitted that "operators are now less enthusiastic because they have more limited financial capabilities".

Still, not everything seems to be negative. This Monday, eRicsson again revised previous forecasts upwards, estimating that 5G subscribers are expected to reach 2.8 billion by 2025. The pandemic helps to explain this increase over the previous data of 2.6 billion users at the global level.