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MacBook Pro 17 ″ is expected to change

Site Fonts 9 to 5 Mac indicate that Apple would be launching a new 17-inch MacBook Pro at the Macworld Expo, ending the transition from the entire line to the new design unibody. The model would finally receive the monoblock aluminum structure and would also gain a thinner internal battery, with an even longer life, but which could not be accessed by the user.

New 15-inch MacBook Pro

Adding to this rumor the possibility of the company adopting Intel processors quad-core in its product line, it will not be strange if they are chosen to equip the top of the line laptop. This would explain the reasons why the 17 ? model was left out of the update in October last year.

The company must have a very clear objective to not allow the replacement of batteries in this new model. Performance issues with the batteries of older MacBooks Pro are well known to Apple.

Just as it happened when FireWire connections were removed, consumer complaints are expected if this change is confirmed. Another possible step for the notebook line is the discontinuation of the more basic model, with a white plastic body, accompanied by a reduction in the prices of aluminum models.

Obviously, such an update was expected to occur soon. But is Apple going to ignore the extensive fight raised by graphics professionals over the use of glossy coating on screens? That is my great question.

(Via: 9 to 5 Mac.)