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Instagram or Snapchat: see features copied between rivals | Social networks

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Instagram or Snapchat? Apps change and get closer and closer to each other Photo: Arte / TechTudo

Instagram or Snapchat? Apps change and get closer and closer to each other Photo: Arte / TechTudo

The "rivalry" between the two apps would have started in 2013, when Snapchat creators declined Mark Zuckerberg's $ 3 billion ($ 10 billion) cash offer. At the time, the creator of Facebook and already an owner of Instagram, sought to recover the engagement with the young public who, increasingly, migrated to Snap. In a survey by the Pew Reseach Center that year, 26% of young adults, between 19 and 29 years old, claimed to use the application.

Apparently, Zuckerberg did not give up and decided to create his own version of the app. In March 2016, it purchased the MSQRD program, which allowed users to use effects in photos and videos, similar to the filters available on Snapchat. Confirmation came in August of the same year, with the launch of Instagram Stories. The dynamics were already known: videos of up to 10 seconds or photos taken in 24 hours and that only remain in the air for a day.

From then on, with each new functionality launched, comparisons are inevitable. At first, Instagram was the only one accused of copying tools. However, since 2017, Snapchat returns in the same currency. And, therefore, the applications become more similar. See below the similar functions of social networks and who copied whom.

1. Self-destructing private messages

Snapchat was launched in 2011 with the intention of being a chat application, in which messages and files exchanged were deleted after 24 hours. Over time, the platform acquired other features and became more social.

In 2013, Instagram launched a feature in which it was possible to send photos and videos that self-destruct through Direct. When sharing an image via private message, users started to choose whether they wanted to display it forever in the conversation or delete it after one or two views.

Snapchat launched a feature called Lenses, filters that interacted with the user's face, in late 2015. The dog that showed its tongue when a person opened his mouth became popular on the platform.

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Snapchat filters explore camera technology Photo: Divulgao / Snapchat

Snapchat filters explore camera technology Photo: Divulgao / Snapchat

Nine months after the launch of Stories, Instagram's short posts tool gained a similar function: a facial recognition program to apply image effects to the face, even in motion. The list of options has grown over time, but the face swap feature, which allows two people to switch faces in real time, has not yet been made available on the Zuckerberg network.

Device that locates the user through the GPS of the cell phone, the geofilters became quite famous on Snapchat, for displaying neighborhood names along with drawings with local characteristics. Later, Instagram gained its own version. Less elaborate than the competitor's, it only displays the name of the place, but it makes it possible to use a more specific location, such as a concert hall or a cinema.

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Snapchat Geofilters Photo: Photo: Reproduo / Barbara Mannara

Snapchat Geofilters Photo: Photo: Reproduo / Barbara Mannara

Instagram took advantage of the geolocation feature and offered users the possibility to find other people's Stories, from the search for the location, in May 2017. This function was also an old acquaintance of those who used Snapchat.

Famous for scolding users, Snapchat notifies you when photos and videos of others have been printed. The app shows who copied the photo or dialogue and "spoiled", in a way, the app's proposal for messages that disappear over time. With the beginning of this year, Instagram has been testing with a similar feature, which indicates screenshots made of third-party Stories. The functionality has not yet been officially implemented, but it has already been spotted by beta tester users.

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It will be possible to send videos in Boomerang format in response to an Instagram Story. Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudo

It will be possible to send videos in Boomerang format in response to an Instagram Story. Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudo

Boomerang was a short looping video service developed in 2015 by Instagram. The resource's success meant that it was included as a Stories tool in November of the following year. The Snapchat developers seem to have liked the idea and, in May 2017, released a tool capable of publishing videos made on the platform in the style of continuous repetition (play forever).

GIFs on Instagram Stories Photo: Divulgao / Instagram

Instagram started to support the use of GIFs in Stories in January this year. The novelty pleased and soon, it was possible to see the interaction of photos and short films with the animated stickers in looping. It didn't take long for Snapchat to react. Just over a month later, users of the platform had the resource at their disposal.

However, a controversy hit both competitors in the last month: a racist GIF. This caused the function to be removed from social networks. At the time, when searching for "crime", an image appeared that simulated a black death counter, with a monkey under the command of a white man. After apologizing, the animated stickers provided by Giphy for the apps were revised. The tool has now returned to Instagram and Snapchat.

7. Share Stories outside the app

Since October 2017, Instagram allows you to automatically share Stories from the app as Facebook Stories. In addition, the regular posts of the application, that is, those registered in the profile, can also be posted on Twitter, Tumblr and sent to Messenger or WhatsApp users. Another alternative is to generate a link to the publication.

Snapchat announced, in January this year, ease of sharing content with people without a profile on the service. Public snaps can be sent via text message or email via a link. Visualization is done over the Internet.

Via Forbes and Business Insider

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