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Google Translate app for iOS now translates voice and images in a much nicer way

O Google translator for iOS has always been a good app. It does the basics very well, but some resources were missing to consider them a great app even more considering that there are great options in the App Store. His new version, however, promises to change that.

Google Translate app icon

The first feature that deserves to be highlighted is the Word Lens (remember him?). Just point the camera at a plate or text and the app will instantly translate the text. This alone is worth a lot, but wait for more: the feature works even if you don't have an internet connection (ideal for when you're traveling without a data plan)!

For now the resource is available for the following languages: French English, German English, Italian English, portuguese english, Russian English, Spanish English. Let's hope others are added as soon as possible!

Another feature is Camera Mode, in which you take a photo, highlight the text and receive a translation that is currently available in 36 languages.

To close with a flourish, version 3.4.1 of Google Translate brought automatic detection of the language in speech / conversation mode. Imagine that you have just arrived at a restaurant in Paris, do not know how to speak French and want to order a coffee. Now, just tell Google Translate that it automatically translates your voice into your chosen language. The same thing happens with the person who is speaking French (which she said translated automatically into Portuguese).

great update, Google!