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Google Meet will work directly in Gmail to make video conferencing easier

Google is gradually introducing the new version of Meet, its video conferencing tool, with the particularity of integrating into Gmail, a feature that will be available in the coming days. So far only available in the business segment, as part of the G Suit, the tool has been adapted for the entire public and made available free of charge, in response to the needs of telecommuting and home teaching.

While waiting for the version integrated in Gmail, you can start using it on your official website, just having an email address to sign up (preferably from Gmail to facilitate authentication). To use, just click Start a meeting, opening a new window for a secure meeting, which you can participate and share with others, explains Google. To enter a meeting, you must enter a code that has been provided to you previously.

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The system is flexible with other Google tools, such as the Calendar, and can schedule and invite people directly, to participate in the meeting. Other features available include screen sharing, real-time subtitles, as well as different layouts available in preferences. And the company guarantees total security, based on its global infrastructure.

Google says that since the free version in March was introduced, due to the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, daily usage has increased 30 times, adding up to more than 3 billion minutes of videoconferencing on a daily basis. In April, about 3 million new users were added every day, the company says on its blog.

In addition to the web browser version, Google Meet can be used on mobile devices, iOSorAndroid.