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For developers: iOS accounted for almost 82% of Monument Valley game revenue

The staff of appFigures recently published a very interesting survey that should be seen by all developers for mobile platforms.

L they talk about everything from last year: which of the stores (App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore) has more apps available, the number of developers per platform, the growth of stores, the categories that grew the most, the growth of stores as a whole, etc.

Graph comparing the number of apps in each store (App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore)

My highlight goes to the first point, the number of apps available in each store. As we can see, Google Play has finally surpassed the App Store in this regard. Honestly, due to the number of developers and the huge market share that Android has, I thought it would happen much sooner.

Still, when a developer plans to launch a project, he must analyze the data very calmly. Looking at the Android domain (market share) in the world as a whole, it is difficult to imagine that iOS still has a supremacy when it comes to billing, but that many are mistaken. Want an example? Let's take Monument Valley, considered the 2014 game of the year for iPads.

Infographic - Monument Valley

Yes, my dear. Even having a market share smaller, the game had almost 6 times more sales on iOS than on Android. In addition, Apple's mobile operating system accounted for an incredible 81.7% of the game's revenue.

Based on that, I would say that Google Play still has a lot to become more relevant than the App Store for developers.

Monument Valley app icon

(via iClarified, Daring Fireball)