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Details of the Apple Watch app show why the iPhone is indispensable for the watch

Yesterday we informed you that iOS 8.2 beta 4 arrived bringing greater support to the Apple Watch (now in Bluetooth settings there is a specific area for iPhones to be properly paired with the Apple watch; in addition, the information on this panel also indicates that the company will soon launch a dedicated application to manage the clock). Because the 9to5Mac brought more information and screens from this app.

Entitled Apple Watch Companion app for iPhone, in it we will make all the adjustments of the applications installed in the watch as well as the interaction settings between iPhone and Watch.

Watch App

The Watch's Home Screen (the organization of the app icons) will be fully customized by this application through a reproduction of the Homescreen of the watch on the iPhone.

Watch App

In addition, the user will be able to easily view information such as storage capacity, number of songs / photos / apps on the watch, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi details, the serial number, define which photos and what calendar data will be visible on the Watch, etc.

Watch App

Several functions of the watch can be customized by the app, such as a ?Monogram? dial (incorporating one to four letters directly on the watch dial; it is possible, for example, to put the initials of your name). Another cool thing is the possibility to activate a red dot that appears at the top of the watch whenever a new notification is received on your iPhone.

Watch App

As in all iGadgets, Apple Watch will also allow users to set a numeric password that will be quite useful for Apple Pay, since you can only make purchases with the watch after putting it on your wrist and entering that password. If the user accidentally removes or changes the password, the credit card data linked to Apple Pay will have to be entered again.

A cool feature is that to unlock the Watch simply unlock the iPhone connected to it, of course, it will only work if the watch is on the user's wrist. As with iPhones, it will be possible to activate an option in which when typing the wrong password 10 times, the watch information is automatically erased.

Watch App

As for messages, interactions include answering one by voice, either through the Dictation feature or through audio messages (as possible in iOS 8), defining which method will be the default, enabling / disabling reading receipts, customizing automatic text responses, choose how many alerts you receive per message and even choose whether you do not want to receive notifications or only from people who are part of your contacts.

On maps, it will be possible to activate / deactivate the haptic feedback of the watch (it serves to silently warn us when it is time to turn on a certain street when we are in the middle of a route.

Watch App

In the area of ??physical activity / health, it will be possible to set reminders to get up every so often, for progress every 4/6/8 hours, for the end of an established movement / exercise / goal, in addition to weekly summaries of your movements. It will also be possible to enable / disable automatic cardiac monitoring.

As with all Apple devices, there are still many customization options for users who make a lot of use of accessibility.

As we can see, the level of integration between the watch and the iPhone is enormous, proving that to enjoy the Watch features it will be more than necessary to have an iPhone on the side.