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Axiotron launches Modbook Pro featuring Steve Wozniak

As previously announced, our friend Steve Wozniak presented the Modbook Pro yesterday at the Macworld Expo. Woz, co-founder of Apple and board member of Axiotron, exuded a contagious joy when talking about the tablet high performance that runs Mac OS X. Still according to journalists present, the presentation of the Modbook was more pleasant than any that Jobs could have done with the 17-inch MacBook Pro launched in this edition.

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The first tablet produced by Axiotron was presented in the 2007 edition. Until the introduction of the professional model presented yesterday, they were built on the basis of the 13-inch MacBook. The Modbook Pro had its body drawing with a focus on ease of handling and has a black gloss finish with aluminum construction.

Modbook Pro

Its 15.4-inch screen has a unique feature: it accepts simultaneous commands by touch and by using the pen, a feature that the company declares will not be present in any other competitive product.

With Intel Core 2 Duo processor options of up to 2.8Ghz, and with almost all connectors present on the MacBook Pro, the system is well equipped. In it, we have two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet connector, FireWire 800, a Mini DisplayPort, digital addition connections, ExpressCard / 34 and Bluetooth. The graphics are on account of an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT; in storage, it offers a 320GB hard disk at 7200RPM or 128GB solid state disk. A camera (they replace the iSight) and a built-in GPS system complete the product.

Modbook Pro

According to Woz, his greatest pleasure in being involved with the development of the Modbook Pro was to remember the good times of (my xar) Newton, PDA launched by Apple. The demonstration lasted 20 minutes and was followed by the speech by CEO Andreas Haas, which detailed more technical issues.

(Via: Macworld.)