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Apple takes four awards at the T3 Awards 2015, including the “Gadget of the Year” for Watch

One of the most important technology events on the British calendar, the T3 Awards this year gave no less than four awards to Apple.

They were:

Wearable of the Year: Apple Watch

Apple at the T3 Awards 2015

Was there any other choice? Apple started a real stir, something that Android Wear failed to do in the same way when it was announced at the end of last year and was finally released in early 2015, under much pomp.

There are still some criticisms since some don't see the use of having an iPhone on their wrist, but these people don't know what an iPhone is talking about on their wrist!

The innovative interface, it connects with your iPhone and brings Apple Pay built-in; no surprise that the Apple Watch won as our favorite wearable of the year.

Laptop or Tablet of the Year: iPad Air 2

Apple at the T3 Awards 2015

There is no way to stop the iPad Air 2 it is a level above the rest that the market has to offer. Superfine and super powerful, the iPad Air 2 is almost a year old and still beats any other tablet on the market.

Connect a keyboard to it and you'll be all set to be very productive as well as using it as a device for fun. Combine that with all the apps you've chosen and it's hard to justify spending money on a laptop.

Now the fingers are crossed for Apple to repeat the feat and somehow make everything even better with an iPad Air 3.

The prize was, of course, closed before the iPad Pro was released.

Brand of the Year: Apple

Apple at the T3 Awards 2015

Apple does not know the definition of a calm year. During the period covered by the T3 Awards 2015 we saw the launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch and even the first phablet the company's iPhone 6 Plus.

IOS 8 came out and impressed everyone with its new design in addition to brand new MacBooks with impressive technologies hidden behind its ultra-thin housings.

But it wasn?t just the hardware and software that we?ve seen before, we also followed the launch of Apple Music that brought down Tidal and occupied the whole debate about streaming. Fair play, Apple.

Gadget of the Year: Apple Watch

Apple at the T3 Awards 2015

And then the grand ?Gadget of the Year?. Sony's PlayStation 4 closed last year with this award, but in 2015 Apple stole the show again with the best smartwatch that you can buy today.

The Apple Watch made the world sit back and watch wearable technology, showing everyone exactly what their wrist can hold.

the first wearable to be directly compatible with the iPhone line and strong sales showed that we will see more coming from Apple in the watch market. For now, however, we know that this gadget must-have of the year.

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An important title that Apple did not take was ?Phone of the Year?, given to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The ?Design Innovation Award? went to Microsoft HoloLens.

The full list of winners can be seen on the T3 Awards 2015 page.

(via Gizmodo)