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Apple Retail Store – Brussels debuts new Apple store layout

per Ricardo Costa

A great day for us, here in Belgium. The opening of the Apple Retail Store – Brussels a few hours before Infinite Loop, the time zone was a spectacle and full of surprises (some bad ones).

First of all we didn't have the Apple Watch yet, although everyone is exposed. And there was also the delivery of the famous commemorative T-shirts at the opening of the store. Other than that, the rest was beautiful and wonderful as always. Everything is very well organized and the service is of the highest quality.

In particular, I found Belgium's first Apple Store very different. I went to the queue at around 5:50 am, with the opening scheduled for 10 am. The weather was very pleasant and I secured the 103rd place in the queue.

Around 8 o'clock, the employees started to appear and turned on all the internal lights that remained dim until that hour. The white canvas also began to reproduce images of the products (it is really huge).

Opening of Apple Retail Store - BrusselsPhotograph: Ricardo Costa.

At that time it was about 11C, and it started to rain. Soon the employees came with umbrellas for everyone who didn't have one. Then they served warm coffee, milk and ?croissants? to everyone in line.

Inside the store they watched a motivational video and applauded a lot. Then they turned to us and applauded us for another five minutes. Around 8:50 am, they went outside and cheered everyone in line, with jokes and a lot of excitement.

at 9:30 am they prepared the famous Olympic tour and soon formed the corridor to receive the public. Punctually at 10 am, the doors opened with the countdown done in English. The entrance was quiet and very organized.

Opening of Apple Retail Store - BrusselsPhotograph: Ricardo Costa.
Opening of Apple Retail Store - BrusselsPhotograph: Ricardo Costa.

At the entrance they gave an envelope with five sheets containing comic books in postcard format, made by local artists as shown in the video of the article that the MacMagazine had already published.

The website One More Thing published a beautiful video of the inauguration:

Too much!