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Apple makes “substantial donation” and asks for help from anyone who can contribute to the refugee and immigrant crisis

Many of you must be watching the terror that many families are facing in the Middle East and Europe. Thousands have already died and thousands more may go the same way if they do not get help.

Today, Tim Cook sent an email to Apple employees that starts like this:

As we have all seen and read in the news, millions of people from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have left their homes due to war and persecution. Europe, where many expected to find shelter, is facing a refugee crisis on a scale that has not been seen since World War II. Thousands of people have already lost their lives while families embark on long and dangerous journeys by land and sea.

Our feelings go out to these refugees, and many of you have asked us how we can help.

The CEO revealed that Apple is making a ?substantial donation? to relief agencies and that it will double (2: 1) all donations made by its employees.

Apple is also highlighting on its website (including in Brazil) a link from iTunes Store for those who can also contribute to the cause. It is possible to donate US $ 5 to US $ 150 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Do your part!

(via BuzzFeed)