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Apple gives iPhone 6s Plus to photographer to cover New York Fashion Week

As it did two years ago at the time of the iPhone 5s launch with Burberry, during London Fashion Week, Apple is once again taking advantage of the new iPhones' arrival time to promote them at an event of this type.

Exclusively, it counts the Vogue, she gave a iPhone 6s Plus that only hits the market in a week from the photographer Kevin Lu and asked him to cover the New York Fashion Week through the lens of the device.

Here's what Lu said:

It is much faster, so I can capture more photos than I want, I don?t lose so much. I also work with videos, so the 4K footage is really cool because the quality is absolutely insane for a cell phone and you can see a lot of details. [] With a 12 megapixel camera, you really get some incredible details, and you can get closer when you need to.

The photos at the top of the article [click on them to enlarge] are some examples of what he captured with the iPhone 6s Plus.

[via iMore]