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With the Developer Kits distributed, more videos and details about the new Apple TV appear

Like the new Apple TV s officially hits the market in October, details are gradually emerging. This time, however, Apple was forced to distribute units for developers to work on apps for tvOS which makes things easier.

We already showed here a video of unboxing of it, but this one brings even more details:

Some interesting things:

  • Apple TV now supports Bluetooth headsets, meaning you can watch TV while the wife / husband sleeps beside you.
  • If a Bluetooth headset is not available, tvOS has a ?Night Mode? that enhances the sound of speech by reducing music and sound effects.
  • Some functions of tvOS can only be accessed through Siri (there is no corresponding app icon), such as stock prices on the stock exchange.
  • The new Apple TV video screensavers are downloaded gradually, for example, once a month. In high definition, they can weigh more than 500MB each.
  • Siri Remote's motion sensors are also used to turn on the screen as soon as the user takes it in hand.
  • There is an IR emitter on Siri Remote that can control TVs, and conventional controls can also control Apple TV. The remote control of second and third generation Apple TVs works in the new course, with limited features.

Obviously, people already resell these Apple TVs on eBay. One came out for an incredible $ 1,500! It is curious: to avoid problems with Apple, the person in question says that his contract prevents the sale "while the device is running pre-release software from Apple". What did he do? Resold Apple TV formatted, with no system installed. Yes, trickery is everywhere

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(via 9to5Mac, MacRumors)