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Want to lose weight? “Ask me how”… I use technology for that!

The team of editors and contributors of MacMagazine discusses a lot about possible interesting topics for you, readers. In a recent chat, I came across the topic proposed by my friends in talking about how I have used technology to help me lose weight. But before I start, I would like to inform you that I am not a doctor or specialist in the area of ??health, and what I will share a little bit of what I am doing and the apps that I have used in this ?battle against weight?. I hope it will encourage you a little out of your comfort zone.

To begin, I would like to share the montage below made about three months ago that I shared on my Instagram and shows a little of the evolution:

For this type of assembly I used the Frametastic app.

Sorry, app not found.

He has some options for frames free and other paid (free ones already help a lot in day-to-day).

Thinning with technology

I started on this ?wave? more fitness in 2014 and, for that, I bought the digital scale from Withings to keep track of my real weight. It was then that the 110kg surprise came. It synchronizes automatically, via Wi-Fi (after a configuration step on the internal network) or Bluetooth, directly with the Health Mate application, developed by the same company.

Withings Health Mate app icon

From there, almost daily (in the morning) the first thing I do when I wake up to check my weight. See the chart below from 111kg to 90kg.

Thinning with technology

The balance costs around US $ 150 (plus tax) in the USA and is on sale at the main electronics stores, I bought it at an Apple Store. But don't worry if you can't afford a scale, the app allows you to record your weight manually to assemble the above graphs. As I focused the post on the features I use most in these apps, I will not detail other functions that exist in the case of Health Mate, it has a step counter, it integrates with Nike + devices (like FuelBand), among other things.

Speaking of FuelBand, the bracelet was an accessory that helped me a lot. Before setting a goal I would say, I counted how many ?points? (NikeFuel) a day represented my reality. These points account for all types of daily movements, from brushing your teeth to climbing stairs, walking, running or any other activity that moves the body as a whole (including walking around the office).

My day averaged between 1,300 and 1,450 points (going to the office and coming home; sometimes going out to dinner). The Nike bracelet counts calories, steps and such NikeFuel. I did, however, disable viewing the number of steps and set a goal of 2,000 points a day, which forced me to start lunching further away from the office and sometimes going for a walk or climbing the building's stairs to help beat the goal.

When I entered a gym (at the beginning of 2014), it became easier to hit this goal on days that I exercised, I easily reached 3,000. So, I gradually increased the target from 200 to 200 (sometimes 100 points a week until I got close to these 3,000, even on normal days that I didn't go to the gym) just changing some habits. In addition, I use Nike points to compare my performance with those of my friends.

It is worth noting that the Nike + FuelBand SE (Second Edition) relatively similar to the first model. However, when I acquired it, I noticed that with the SE it was more difficult to beat the goal I would say that I changed the algorithms that validate the movements and, without changing the goal, it cost a little more to reach the daily result.

A Nike app that helps me a lot with Nike + Running.

Nike Run Club app icon

I really like the need for it outdoors, but especially indoors (gyms, for example). The running distance is almost the same as that shown on the treadmill counter, which obviously proves that the app works. I use it a lot to count my mileage and compete with friends by stipulating monthly challenges (running 70km in 1 ms, for example). The app has an appeal to gamefication pretty cool because you win badges as you break records. I have been using this app since the time of the iPod and the chip that I had to put inside my sneakers, but nothing compared to what I have been using in 2014 more assiduously.

Thinning with technology

Although the Nike + Running app has a function to play the music you have on your phone during the run, it's been a while since I bought more tracks. I basically put the app in the background and activate Spotify (I opted for the paid plan and left some selections of music to listen offline).

Spotify app icon - Music and Podcasts

Another app that I use RunKeeper.

Runkeeper app icon - GPS in the races

At the time I was looking for an app to monitor my cycling, it was what I heard most; I ended up testing it and liking it, I also use Spotify with RunKeeper. I don't know until today why Nike doesn't have an app for monitoring bicycles, but this is a discussion for another post.

Thinning with technology

With the integrations of the Sade app (Health), native to iOS 8, one thing that caught my attention was having automatically organized several legal information. One that I particularly liked was heartbeat, so I bought a heart rate monitor from Wahoo Fitness (the Blue HR), which synchronizes the heartbeat with your app via Bluetooth. I confess that I use it more when I run or cycle, but in the control of the beats I am using more to keep the history and, who knows one day, these data will be useful.

Wahoo Fitness app icon

The app has programs for running and cycling indoor / outdoor. I even configure it according to what I'm going to do, but I monitor it using other apps that I mentioned before, I use it more to get the beats and automatically sync with Sade.

Thinning with technology

Yes, I'm a little overshare (I share things a lot) and whoever follows me must have noticed. In this new phase that I decided to take care of myself a little, I chose to share a little of that day-to-day.

Instagram app icon

For that I use Instagram a lot and post some photos and videos of my training. Some find narcissism; others are excited about the results. I can say that my goal is to help people see as much as possible. I am happy to have encouraged some people, three friends and a friend have already lost more than 10kg motivated by the photos I publish. If only one person had already done it, it would have been worth it then imagine how happy I am about it. These days I received, on my Facebook, the testimony of a follower that I did not know, saying that he lost more than 16kg after he saw my evolution.

I have focused on functional training, with more dynamic exercises that escape a little of the repetitions of the traditional muscles. There are days when I don't even use weight, only my own body. I really appreciate my personal trainer for the support he takes on my feet so I can exercise at least 2-3 times a week.

The truth is that even he started using more technology because of me; when I'm out of So Paulo, I take classes via FaceTime I did for example when I was on vacation in Las Vegas and last week, when I traveled for work to Porto Alegre.

Last but not least, I sometimes use the Repost app.

Sorry, app not found.

It basically serves for me to publish on Instagram the videos that my personal put.

I decided to change my habits and I am very happy with the results. The main focus was my health. I was very paunchy and the abdominal fat the most dangerous soon I must take new photos and see the evolution. Of course, getting compliments for improving the body motivates me a lot, but you have to do it first for yourself. There are days when I have * everything * to give up going to the gym or even running around the square. But I imposed myself a rule: do not think, just see. So, being there, at least something you will do and a little bit of it every day will make a difference.

The apps commented on here may not even be the best there are for each function, but they were the ones I tested and adapted very well. I now need to find some good app to control my food, but I will only do this after consulting a good nutritionist. So far I have eliminated the weight shown above only with exercise and reducing the consumption of nonsense, but after consulting a specialist I will choose an app to reconcile this part of food, too. Any nutritionist in order to face this challenge?

Leave your experiences with these apps or other apps / gadgets below. There may be better ones and I would love to hear from you. But don't forget: don't do anything on your own. I always advise looking for a specialized professional that makes all the difference.

Below, some more before / after to see if you are excited too:

And, shall we go for a run?