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Vodafone closes 2019 with a 5.3% increase in revenues. NOS starts 2020 with losses of 10.4 million

Vodafone Portugal has just announced the results for the 2019 fiscal year, which closed with a 5.3% increase in total revenues. The operator reveals that in the period between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, total revenues reached 1,082 million euros. Service revenues increased 5.5% over the previous fiscal year, reaching 985 million euros.

In a statement, the operator said that the number of fixed service customers reached 749 thousand at the end of March 2020. In all, there was an increase of 10.6% in the number of television customers, standing at 679 thousand. In relation to the previous fiscal year, Vodafone also registered a 9.7% increase in the number of fixed broadband customers, totaling 743 thousand.

The operator states that, over the period under analysis, there was an expansion of fixed service coverage, reaching more than 3.4 million customers. In addition, the number of customers in the mobile segment reached 4.7 million at the end of March.

According to Mrio Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal, the new fiscal year that started in April will be even more challenging due to the new conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The shock we are still experiencing has accelerated the digital transition, a moment that the country should take advantage of to consolidate a new economic model, adds the official.

For NOS, the first quarter of the year was marked by the negative impact of the pandemic. The operator revealed last week that it recorded losses in the order of 10.4 million euros.

Revenues decreased 3% compared to the same period, now standing at 345.4 million euros. Telecommunications revenues also decreased by 2.2% to 332.9 million euros. Income before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) decreased to 152.7 million euros, down 4.6%.

In a statement, NOS indicates that it registered an increase in the number of services provided, growing to a total of 9.7 million. In the mobile segment, the operator reached the end of March with 4.847 million. TV subscriptions also rose to 1.644 million.

With regard to fixed broadband services, NOS went from the 1.383 million registered in the same period of 2019 to 1.425 million. The number of fixed voice services also increased, standing at 1.757 million.