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The New York Times' David Pogue speaks to Phil Schiller after Tuesday's keynote

Right after the opening keynote for Macworld Expo 2009, on Tuesday, Phil Schiller spoke briefly with David Pogue, a technology columnist for the The New York Times about the event, trying to get more specific information about the fact that his first keynote was also Apple's last.

Schiller at Macworld 2009

In part, he limited himself to saying what was disclosed by the company in the press release December: Fairs like the Macworld Expo are simply not worth the effort and money as before, as Apple Retail Stores receive more visitors than 100 events like the one that ended today. At this point, I support a quote made by Paul Kent of the IDG World Expo, who said that not even 10% of the products that could be found at the fair are available at an Apple store.

In addition, Schiller pointed out that Apple intends to adopt an annual cycle of events for the introduction of products, such as the end of the year (from November), the end of the summer vacation in the United States (usually August), update on the line iPods (between September and October), application news (March) and iPhone (June).

As you can see, January (Macworld Expo) does not fit into any of these dates, so Apple has no more reason to fund an event of this size at that time, every year. However, one thing is certain: it will be even more predictable than we currently discover Apple's news in these periods. Not to mention that I will not tolerate the WWDC 2009 keynote talking only about the iPhone again …