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Sony VAIO P: now it's official

Sony finally revealed, during CES 2009, the much awaited VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC, a computer that faces both netbooks from other manufacturers as well as some tablets and smartphones.

Sony Vaio P

Its ?slender? design, in addition to allowing it to fit in most pockets, supports a keyboard much larger than the average of competitors just 10% smaller than the VAIO TT line. On the other hand, this design left no space for using a trackpad, leaving only the option of using a trackpoint.

Sony Vaio P

The Sony VAIO P, weighing just 635 grams, has an 8-inch XBRITE-ECO LED display with an incredible resolution of 1600 × 768 pixels and a contrast of 2.08: 1. It features a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 2GB of RAM, 60GB of HD (with optional 128GB SSD), webcam, integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and 3G CDMA network support. The Windows Vista Home operating system.

Sony Vaio P

Because it was developed with media players in mind, the VAIO P has a fast boot mode based on the XMB interface, used in PlayStations, which allows you to access multimedia content without having to "go" through Windows Vista.

The Sony VAIO P series will go on sale at the end of January for $ 900 in its basic configuration.