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Sony lana wireless headset WF-SP800N, with autonomy of up to 26 hours

THE Sony announced on Wednesday the launch of wireless headphones WF-SP800N. Aimed at fitness enthusiasts, they have resources like active noise cancellation, as well as certification IP55, which indicates water and dust resistance according to the manufacturer, they can even be washed after training. The headphones also come with a strong battery, with autonomy of up to 26 hours.

The headphones, with 9.5 grams each, have an in-ear design and have an adjustable support arch that keeps them steady even on the move. There are touch controls on each side.

In addition, they have the smart function Adaptive Sound Control, which automatically detects the physical activity being performed at the moment, such as a run or walk, and adjusts the sound settings to suit the environment.

Credits: Sony / Reproduction

Through the Headphones Connect App it is possible to create customizations that make the gadget capable of learning favorite places, such as the gym or park, for example.

There are still other features like Ambient Sound Mode (Ambient Sound Mode), which allows the user to hear external sounds, Extra Bass, 360 Reality Audio, and connectivity with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. The WF-SP800N are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and work with Android and iOS.

Credits: Sony / Reproduction

With respect battery life, Sony claims that a full charge guarantees 9 hours of power to the headphones. The charging case provides an extra 9 hours, totaling 18 hours. According to the manufacturer, with noise cancellation deactivated, the duration is even longer: 13 hours of energy at full charge, with 13 extra hours provided by the charging case, reaching 26 hours.

Credits: Sony / Reproduction

Sony also guarantees that the 10-minute fast charge is able to offer up to 60 minutes of music playback with activated noise cancellation. There is no wireless charging.

The headphones are already available on the Sony website for the time being only available to the United States in black, white, blue and orange. The suggested price of $ 200 (approximately R $ 1168 in direct conversion).

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